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About Tara           About Pipi          About Neno

Karma started up in the Croatian town Umag. It was established by Neno ( Nenad Cirjak ) and Pipi ( Josip Miani ) in 1999 and needed a female singer. After long searching they found Mirela Zemčak who was a teacher and a chorus-master in a music school. However, Mirela also wrote some lyrisc for other groups so Karma decided to change her for Tara ( Majda Susejl ); a girl from Novigrad. The first Karma's hit "Reci mi ne" was heard in radios and dance clubs. People liked the song so Karma continued... They released their second song "Zaustavite zemlju" which was successful too and Karma got a new energy burts to continue with what they started.

Karma was inspired by e.g. Eiffel 65, Gidi D'Agostino, Scooter or Sash a Mollela. The videoclip of the third single "Bio si mi sve" was the best music video of Karma ever.

Karma participated on a music festival in Split ( 2001 ) and has won the best music arragement price with song "Sedam Dana". The album "Sedam Dana" was released a few months later ( August 2001 ). On the CD there are 16 songs and 1 bonus remix. The new songs were written by Karma, but they also included some old Croatian singles from 80's, e. g. "Stara Vremena" from Novi Fosili, "Glavo Luda" from Zdravko Colic and "Zaustavite Zemlju" from Prljavo Kazalite. This album made Karma famous abroad.

In October 2002 Karma released their second album "Zavrti Život" in few edition. DJs waited to see the special edition with extended versions of songs. After a big success in the Czech Republic they released a platinum edition with new song "Sladké Mámení" and photos, videoclips and a few remixes.

In 2003 Karma mixed a couple famous Croatian songs and released the album "Remixes". Dj Neno and Pipi remixed e. g. Minea, Colonia, Sendi Cenov , Ivana Banfić and other songs.

The fourth album is called "Malo Pomalo" and Karma made it in 2004. Czech fans had the platinum edition with a new song "Decibely Lásky", remixes, videos and photos and Croatian fans had a special edition with new song "Zemljotres" and many other remixes.

Karma really surprises the Czech Republic in 2005 when they released the first "KARMA DVD" which included 10 videoclips and four "Making Of" videoclips with Czech subtitles and many photos.

In 2006 they released a new album "Avantura" in two versions - for Czechia and Slovakia and for the others ( Croatia, Slovenia... ). In Croatian version there isn't the song "Zemljotres" but the song "Amore Mio (D3 Summer Groove Radio)".

The next album of Karma is called "Seven Days" which includes the best hits of Karma in English, but it was released only in USA, France, etc.

In 2007 it was released "The Best Of Karma" album but only in the Czech and Slovakia Republic. This album includes 33 songs ( radio edits, remixes, megamix and a special Czech song "Dlouhá Noc" ).