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Česky / Hrvatski

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How do you want me

Sedam Dana    Zavrti Život    Malo Pomalo
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Tell me can ever
Stay in love when there is nothing more
To say or do
Tell me now,or are you
Trying to forget that i have
Ever been with you

You can tell me straight
Right into me face
I can bear the truth
If you're planning to leave
Then you don't have to waint
I'll get over you

How do you want me?
Say you are lonely
Don't give me silence
I will be gone
How do you want me?
Say that you need me
I will be any
Way you want

My heart is waiting
Needs no explainng
I have been patient
All for you
Now is that all you
Are willing to give me
Break the silence
Say the truth

What I want is just a simle thing
So come on over,look me in the eyes
Am I asking far too much from you?
How do you want me? No advise?